Welcome to the Solid Energy Centre - the one stop shop for all your sport and fitness needs here in Westport.  Our team of dedicated staff are committed to helping you achieve your exercise goals in a place where you can feel right at home.  We look forward to seeing you here soon.


TRIBE PUNCH comes to the SEC


Following on from the success of the first four TRIBE products, we are very pleased to be able to intoduce the last member of the TRIBE family - TRIBE PUNCH - to our community.  The fitness team have been working hard learning about this new product, and we've added some great new equipment to the Holicm Room to make it work.  The first season of PUNCH starts on the 21st of September, and there will be classes running through our FREE trial week from the14th of September.  Check out the video here to see what it's all about!


What's new in our Swim Star Swim School - Adult and Early Childhood

We offer adult lessons - either one on one or in small groups - from the very beginner through to technique work. Drew Donaldson, Casey Giddens, Hanna Nicholas and Hayley Cutbush (Reefton Swimming Pool) are currently undertaking a Swimming New Zealand School Age and Adult course to futher their skills to enable them to offer a wider variety of lessons to all age groups.

Swim Star Swim School: Exciting news!! Kylie and Drew are just back from attending a Swimming NZ Early Childhood swim course and are bouncing with excitement to be able to bring their knowledge to our lessons. We are offering Tadpole (6 -18 month) and Frog (18 month-3 years) classes in Term 4. No assessment necessary, just pop on in, fill in the paperwork and pay the deposit. These classes require a parent in the water with the child - teaching the parent to teach the child. A child is never to young to become confident in the water. First class Tuesday 20 October.

Interested in becoming a Swim Instructor? Click HERE for more details.



Pool Closure Update - 12 October 

Step 1 is complete. All 3 pools have been filled.
Step 2: Heat them. Currently at 15 degrees need to reach a minimum of 27 degrees and this takes time
Step 3: Treat them. Which includes sending water samples away so we can provide optimum water for your pleasure and safety.
We ask you to please be patient. More updates to follow.






"Bad back, bad knee, overweight, diabetes - life was a bit of a struggle so I decided to give Tribe Core a go. Its made a huge difference, and with the encouragement of my fellow Tribe members I'm feeling physically and mentally the best I have had in years."  Robyn


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