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If you are looking to make a real, noticable difference with your exercise then TRIBE is what you need. Team up with 7 other like minded people to form a TRIBE that will stick together through thick and thin to get results.  Each TRIBE season runs for 6 weeks, with a week's break between seasons to let others try TRIBE and see if they are keen to join.  We are running two TRIBE programmes - TRIBE Fit and TRIBE Core.  

The content of each and every TRIBE class is programmed by the TRIBE team in Wanaka.  These guys have worked in the fitness industry for years and know just what your body needs to achieve results.  Our instructors have been fully qualified in the ways of TRIBE and are able to work with you, no matter what your current fitness level, to ensure you get results.


TRIBE's been running at the SEC since March 2014, and we currently have 8 tribes of 8 coming back season after season.  If it's that good, why not make TRIBE part of your fitness life.  If you have a group of friends that would like to do TRIBE but our class times don't work for come and see our fitness team and we can try to arrange another time.


  TribeFIT™ TribeCORE™ TribeLIFE™ TribeKIDS™
Classes / week  3 2 2 1
Class Duration 50 mins 50 mins 50 min 50 mins
Workout Type High Intensity / Functional / Dynamic Moderate Intesity / Functional / Low Impact Moderate Intesity / Functional / Low Impact Moderate Intesity / Functional / Dynamic
Expected Results Improves functional fitness and strength for all-over athletic results as well as an athletic look and feel Improves core toning, strength, stability, power and flexibility for a slim waistline and athletic performance Improves total body strength, fitness and toning, bring renewed energy Improves fitness, strength, coordination and confidence for increased motivation and athletic performance
$ / season (members) $216 $144 $144 $30
$ / season (non-members) $288 $192 $192 N/A




"Bad back, bad knee, overweight, diabetes - life was a bit of a struggle so I decided to give Tribe Core a go. Its made a huge difference, and with the encouragement of my fellow Tribe members I'm feeling physically and mentally the best I have had in years."  Robyn


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